Monday, 1 August 2022

Location! Is Tenerife really Paradise on Earth?



When you decide to buy a property, takes a completely different perspective than choosing a holiday destination. Everyone has their favourite holiday places but many of these have been overtaken by more appealing places or have grown into noisy haunts of the younger tourists.

Tenerife is changing into a new breed of long-term holiday destination or retirement leisure location for the Europeans and fellow northern Europe sunseeker. The tourist business in Tenerife has changed with far more visitors now coming form mainland Spain, with more British now long term residents or “swallows”.

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Tenerife may be best known for its sun, sandy beaches and sangria, but beyond its seaside resorts and lively cities there is a natural paradise many travellers never discover. Dramatic seasonal changes affect Parque Nacional del Teide. It is one of the top bird-watching areas in Europe. In winter, the low-lying areas fill with water and attract millions of birds from across Europe.

The property market in the Tenerife has changed radically in recent years, as buyers have become more sophisticated and informed, whilst technology ever advances to meet the demands of the modern world now connected and served by the Internet.

Many people just want stable, established, advanced state of development and a location close to northern Europe with affordability – and its right here in Tenerife!

This year’s winter has delivered a few more days of rain or cloudy weather – but actually not too bad. Each of the spells of poor weather have lasted a few days and have been followed by fresh and sunny days lasting much longer. Wonderful.

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Settled residents of these Islands do sometimes need to return to their home country to see how they really feel about Tenerife? Simply, it is the most consistently attractive and welcoming place within reach of the north European visitor, settler and worker. It has such good weather, peace and order, a fascinating pot-pourri of culture and a great variety of scenery and property for sale.

It is here for all to enjoy. Explore, find your favourite places and share the secrets with friends. Buy the best property you can afford and make the most of your place in the sun.

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