Thursday, 20 April 2017

10 Little Known Facts About Tenerife

Tenerife attracts many tourists from all over the world, eager to enjoy its pristine beaches and year-round sunshine. Perhaps you've already discovered its beautiful, volcanic shores, and have become a frequent visitor. If not, here are 10 facts about Tenerife that you probably didn't know, and might just convince you to make it your next vacation destination.

Las Vistas

1. Being the largest of all the Canary Islands, you'll have access to an enormous number of outstanding resorts, sand beaches, and hotels that will surpass all your expectations.

2. Tenerife shares the same flag with Scotland. However, its nearly 365 days of blue skies guarantee that it doesn't have the same climate.

3. The popular film, "Clash of the Titans," was filmed in Teide National Park.

4. Mount Teide, the most obvious landmark of Teide National Park, is the third largest volcano in the world.

5. You won't have any difficulty finding a place to lay your towel on the 1.2 miles of pristine, natural sand that comprises El M├ędano, Tenerife's longest beach.

6. William Shakespeare so enjoyed Tenerife's home-grown wine that he actually made reference to it in two of his plays. He also negotiated as part of his annual salary, to receive a barrel of Malmsey wine.

7. Mount Teide, is widely credited with casting the world's largest sea shadow. Talk about impressive!

8. Tenerife's Siam Park, Europe's largest water park, boasts 7 world records including the world's biggest man-made wave and the largest Thai building in the world outside of Asia. It also received recognition by TripAdvisor as the best water park in the world in 2015.

9. Miami-Dade County, located on the very southernmost tip of Florida, is Tenerife's "sister community."

10. Finally, though more of a myth buster than a fact, the black sand beaches that Tenerife is most famous for, are not dirty as many believe. It's simply the color of the fine, volcanic sand found in the area. You won't walk on the beach and end up with black-stained feet.

So what are you waiting for? Finalize your vacation itinerary to visit Tenerife over your next holiday. You'll never regret it!

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